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Mythic Goddess Come To Life

I am elegantly personified. Graceful and dignified with discriminating tastes, my complex blend of warm, erotic energy and cool, objective thinking, fascinates men. I draw them in with my composed demeanor and heightened femininity, but the real magic happens once they come near. That’s when I disarm with wit and charm. My sultry, serene presence mesmerizes, enthralling my admirers. My extreme emotional equanimity and calm presence make me appear above the quotidian and banal. Appearing other-worldly –like a mythic goddess come to life. In reality, I am one of the rare women with a deep internal focus. A natural introvert, I appreciate solitude and activities that allow me to go inward, like meditation, yoga, and creative projects. I enjoy the attention, which I attract with my striking appearance and sensuality, but there is a distinct mysterious and alluring aspect to my personality. Men are attracted to my sensual and soulful nature. It is as if there is a hearth, a warm fire, blazing within me. Just as people are drawn to a fire’s warmth, men find my calm, serene presence and grounded energy comforting. My distance is equally enchanting. I am like a star, sparkling from light-years away. Few can get close enough yet all seek to.


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  • Gender: Female

  • Age: Early 20's

  • Ethnicity: Black

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