Sydney Caucasian Escorts Marcella Romaine A Seductress, Half Human, Half Goddess!

A Seductress, Half Human, Half Goddess!

You are searching for something aren't you, lover? Is it a breathless blur of joyous X-rated oblivion or an extended evening of tenderness with a beautiful and engaging companion? Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the desires of their bodies and hearts. I can help. In fact, it would be my pleasure. I’m frequently described as a classic beauty, which contrasts and compliments my contemporary style. Golden skinned, green eyed and dusted with freckles, I have an elfin face and a petite, distinctly hourglass frame. As a former athlete, my body is something I am proud of. I am confident in my own skin, and when you are with me, you will feel the same way. I believe that physical beauty alone does little to satiate sexual hunger. What keeps my lovers returning, in their words, is my warmth, creativity and seductive prowess. There is nothing quite like exploring new territory in oneself, with another.


  • Independent Escorts

    Is independant, works for herself

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  • Offering: Incall + Outcall

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: Early 30's

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

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