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Horny Irresistible Babe

Hello there, I’m glad you’ve found me. I’m Lauren Hart. To invite you into my world, is to invite you into a place where you get so much more than just sexual rapture and lustful memories. I want to provide you with a holistic experience where you leave feeling completely and utterly satiated.

Upon meeting me you’ll notice I have a relaxed and authentic personality. Those that see me regularly and often might akin their visits to visiting an old friend (but a very sexy one of course!) I love to get to know people well and along with this I notice that it only gets better over time.

And why might you like to get to know me a little better? Besides the immediate benefits - of which an experience with me forces you directly into the here and now, forgetting all of your life stresses; you’ll find in me a caring and earthy lover who relishes in making their company feel good.


  • Escort Agency

    Works for an agency

  • Mobile: 044901519


  • Offering: Incall + Outcall

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: Early 30's

  • Ethnicity: Eurasian

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