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Fiercely Passionate, Hedonistic

I have chosen at this stage to protect my facial image as I am a student, and as much as I am 100% behind my decision - society is not, and I would rather not bother with the drudgery of their small-mindedness. This is my own admission, in my own self-interest, and hope to have a career in my chosen field at some point, though also I think in yours, our time if is in public shall be very discreet because of such. Discretion to me is crucial, people should be able to live and enjoy themselves as they see fit. My face shall not disappoint, at 5'10 and of the slim build I did model in Europe, not in the glamour way i.e. enhanced - my look is far more European, classic, all-natural, coma check it out for yourself. I have a smidgen of Persian heritage so one can only imagine the suggestive seduction that might have imbued. I look very much forward to meeting you, exploring and engaging this wonderfully short life we have together.


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  • Offering: Incall + Outcall

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: Early 20's

  • Ethnicity: European

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