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Sleeping Beauty Aurora

I'm a young university student who enjoys life's luxuries and takes pleasure in men’s satisfaction, in need of financial stability. As I began working in this industry I discovered that many men are shy or feel ashamed of sexual acts that they fantasize about. They don't feel comfortable expressing their desires and therefore cannot experience their wildest dreams and reach their most intense climax. I was then introduced to a film called 'Sleeping Beauty' (not the Disney one) and realized that this would be a perfect solution! My service eases the worries that some males have. I will be sleeping like an angel, lying in a bed wearing sensual lingerie and camisole, beautifully groomed with a tight young body and perky breasts exposed when you enter the room to take advantage of my unconscious irresistible body. You can undress me and feel between my warm thighs sliding your hand over my underwear as you become highly aroused.

About Aurora

  • Escort Agency

    Works for an agency

  • Mobile: 61499118333


  • Offering: Incall + Outcall

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: Early 20's

  • Ethnicity: White

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